Soild Surface

Tranquil Solid Surface

Tranquil Solid Surfaces brings creative imagination to life

Tranquil Dunes

It is a 100 percent acrylic solid surface manufactured in a world-class facility that can be used as a blank slate with endless possibilities. Dunes is a high-quality product available in a variety of colours and finishes. Its colour palette provides a wide range of great colours that are diverse enough to work with any project while remaining modest enough to deliver amazing value.

Tranquil ALTICOR

The outstanding performance of solid surfaces results in unrivalled beauty. The edges, inlays, and colour combinations are designed with elegance and vigour in mind. Credible eco-friendly products efficiently minimise pollution while avoiding harm to nature and mankind. These standards are met by Alticor. When it comes to direct applications, Alticor is an excellent and reasonably priced option.

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