Seamless Acoustic System - ACSILO Plus+

Seamless Acoustic System - ACSILO Plus+

Acsilo Plus+ Acoustics can be applied to almost any surface, including straight and curved walls, striking angles, and arching roofs, making it a more versatile, distinct alternative to traditional acoustic solutions such as suspended celings.

The Acsilo Plus+ Plaster system, which combines hig-value aesthetics and acoustic performance, is well-suited to a wide range of developments, including historic structures as well as high-end residential, commercial, retail, and educational spaces.

Acsilo Plus+ acoustic panels have a resin-bonded fiberglass core. The fiberglass is cut into various shaped & sizes applied with a Acsilo Plus+, and finally transformed into high-performance sound-absorbing panles.


  • Fire Rating: Class "A" as per ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test
  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited Product Warranty.
  • Density Kg/m3 (+/- 10%): 100-150 kg/m3 (+/-10%)
  • Light Refractive : 0.87
  • Sound Absorption : NRC upto 1.05
  • Asbestos : Free
  • Recycled Component : 59%
  • Color : White and custom colors
  • Hygiene : No sustenance to micro-organisms.
  • Material : Fiberglass wool panels with acoustic plaster.
  • Mold/ Mildew Resistance : Substrate is inherently resistant to growth of mold and mildew.
  • Moisture and Sag Resistance RH99 : Resitance to humidity RH99% at 35°C which maintains dimensional stability and no sagging.
  • Cleanability : Surface dust & dirt can be vacuumed off using a soft brush attachment or blown off using pressuried air.
  • Bright, White Textured Visual appearance : White NCS 0300-N RAI 9003 Light Reflectance 87%.

Acsilo Plus+ is distinguished by three key characteristics :

  • Class A Fire Resistance
  • EN 13501-1 100% Relative Humidity EN 13964
  • Excellent Acoustic Performance EN ISO 11654

Acoustic Plaster+ Acoustic Fiberglass Panel

Acsilo Plus+ Acoustic Smooth

Acsilo Plus+ Particles Finish

Description of the Product Benefits

  • Fiberglass Wool Panels
  • Inorganic acoustic painted surface
  • Thickness : 25mm, 40mm, and 50mm
  • Sizes : 1200x1200mm / 1200x2400mm
  • Color : White (WH)
  • Square edge
  • Stable : Light Steel keel system
  • A seamless sound absorption system.
  • Bendable, with free-flowing transitions in different height planes.
  • Reflectivity (LR0.86) reduces energy and electricity cost by 18%.
  • Sound transmission technology coatings allow sound to pass through.
  • Organic dry powder coating with low VOC of 0.004%
  • RH99 humidity resistance
  • Extra strong sound absorption function with clarity level of 190-200 & noise reduction coefficient of 0.80-1.05


The ACSILO Plus+ are high quality and microporous plaster manufactured, using only high quality materials produced from natural Inorganic mineral powder perlite and zeolite, to ensure the best acoustical performance when installed onto ceilings or walls.

ACSILO Plus is a spray applied & custom color system.

Acsilo Plus+ Smooth

Acsilo Plus+ Natural Finish

Acsilo Plus+ Coarse

ACSILO Plus+ Smooth is finished with a smooth fine grain finish giving a consistent, smooth look to surface.

ACSILO Plus+ Natural is finished with a natural fine grain finish giving a natural spray look to the surface.

ACSILO Plus+ Coarse is finished with a little coarse structure giving a textured look to the surface, making it ideal for areas with more natural look


Fiberglass wool Acoustical panels Size(mm) Thickness (mm) NRC Light Reflection Fireproof Class Recycled Content
Thickness 25mm 1200x1200mm 25 0.8 83% A2_s1d0 59%
Thickness 40mm 2400x1200mm 40 0.90 83% A2_s1d0 59%
Thickness 50mm 2400x1200mm 50 1.05 83% A2_s1d0 59%

Installation Systems

Concrete direct bonding with accessories and glue

Metal suspension grid Light steel keel with Gypsum board Special washers screws

Direct, Metal suspension grid Light steel keel Special washers screws

Type 1 Installation

Directly to a suitable substrate installation

install the acoustic panels mechanically with special metal fixings or install the acoustic panel with approved adhesive on the suitable substrate.

Type 2 Installation

  • suspended Metal Grid
  • Gypsum board, calcium silicate board base layer
  • Tranquil acoustic panels
  • Acsilo Plus+ Acoustic Plaster

Type 3 Installation

Installed directly on metal suspension grid mecanically with special washes, screws and steel keel.

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