Application - Dunes

Application - Dunes

Dunes - A versatile product has varied applications in different sectors, be it commercial, hospitality, residential, healthcare or any other. Be it interior or exterior, Dunes can bring your imaginations to life.


Dunes can go into many applications like Furniture, Computer Tables, Cash Counter, Reception Desks, Column Cladding, Conference Tables, Signage, Elevator surroundings, Aesthetic moulds, Staircase walls, Hand railings, Logos, Wall cladding, Retail Running Counters, Counter Wash Basins and many more.


Dunes find its applications in Reception desks, Illuminating finishes, Bar counters, Bar tops, Restaurant table tops, Wall claddings, Furniture tops, Staircase Walls, Hand Railings, Vanity tops, Table Tops, Back Rests of cots, Check in counters, Counter Wash Basins, Kitchen tops, Shower Walls and the list goes on and on.


Dunes is used in wide variety of applications in residences namely, Kitchen Tops, Bathroom Counter Tops, Sinks, Bowls, Bath Tubs, Wall Cladding, Column Cladding, Show Cases, Wardrobe Doors, Illumination Hangings, Table Tops, TV Surrounds and many more.


Healthcare priority is to prevent infections and spread of infections. The surface used in these areas plays a critical role in creating a safer environment. Dunes meet the expectations of the highly demanding health care environment.

Dunes can be used in spaces like Reception Desks, Seating Area, Operation Rooms, Wall Cladding, Scrub Rooms, Shower Pans, Nurse Stations, Cafeteria, Food Courts and many more.

The Dunes Advantage @ Healthcare

Easy to Maintain

When properly cleaned, Dunes does not permit microbial growth. Being virtually seamless with no gaps, cracks or voids, Dunes does not permit dirt to settle

Seamless Appearance:

The two component adhesive matching the sheet color forms a hard bonding together, resulting in seamless finish. This makes Dunes look like continuous and smooth surface. There is no gap, grout, pit to trap moisture resulting into no bacteria and fungal growth.

Non Porous:

Easier to clean and controls cross movements risk of acquired hospital infections.


Withstands high impact due to heavy traffic movement (wall cladding).


Can thermoform in many shapes.


Can be repaired if damaged.

Low Voc Emitting Material:

Meets Green requirements.

Stain and Chemical Resistant:

Resistant to Stain and Chemical.

Wide Choice of Colours:

Dunes gives you unlimited choice of colors & versatility. Fun & bright colors make it ideal for usage in NEO NATAL AND PEDIATRICS. Being flexible, Dunes can be molded to large objects & shapes in play areas.

Hygienic Properties:

This makes it ideal for use in Labs as it’s resistant to stains from common lab agents.

Safer Choice:

Flammability Rated.

Quality and Service:

Dunes acrylic solid surface, the brand you can trust for quality, durability backed by network of trained professionals who believe in commitment to service. The trained team ensures proper installation and fabrication.

Thus DUNES Acrylic Solid Surface is an ideal product for use in Healthcare sector, be it reception desk in a
public space, nurse stations, operations rooms, labs and many more.


Dunes Acrylic UV solid surface can be used for exterior cladding. It is easy to maintain and gives very good aesthetics. Fixing system must be engineered with sufficient flexibility, tolerance and movement not allowing impact of atmospheric changes.

RESISTANCE against attack of termite, moisture hold, micro-organism growth

The Dunes Advantages

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