Hook-On Tile Ceiling System

Tranquil Lustre Hook-On Tile

The smooth surface of hooked ceiling presents sense of fashion, leads to modern design inspiration. Delicate ceiling is smooth and stable, can be assembled and dis-assembled manually without using any tools, very easy; and insulation cotton can be fitted in to create perfect sound-absorbing function. Good close splicing: the unidirectional parallel keel hooked type structure, enables the keel to be hooked and folded together,



the unique hooking up design controls the mobility between the plates to ensure the gap tighter and more tidy.

Strong wind resistance, convenient for maintenance: each plate is equipped with a windproof clamp, suitable for outdoor decoration; and this structure is equipped with unique maintenance port design for maintenance supporting, no effect on the appearance, and meanwhile ensuring the whole ceiling being uniform and in good appearance.


Standard Size

600 x 1200mm

REMARK: 1, Non-standard sizes can be customized

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