Special Shaped Baffle

Tranquil Lustre Special Shaped Baffle

A decorative curtain type ceiling, able to adjust the visual height of a house, and can hide all the pipelines and other facilities in the bottom of the building, and can also lead sunlight or lamplight. It enables an open field of vision, good ventilation and air flow, the connection lines are bright and neat, with clear levels, reflecting the concise modern style, simple and convenient in installation assembly and dis-assembly, has become the main popular product on decoration market .

Change has to start with the details, the birth of ladder type suspended bar will become the new force of barrier ceilings, super decorative characteristic, the luxury of connotation, catering to the trend of modern building materials, integrating more spatial details into one, has brought a fresh noble enjoyment!


Standard Size

A: Width: 60mm Height: 120mm

B: Width: 50mm Height: 60mm

Standard Size

Width: 30mm

Height: 100mm

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