O-Shaped Baffle

Tranquil Lustre O-Shaped Baffle

This system is with an open field of vision, the circular edges lines are bright and soft, after the installation, the entire space becomes harmonious and beautiful with no lack of smooth three-dimensional sense on lines, holds a good modern sense performance; Simple structure, convenient in maintenance: Each circular bar is independent, can be assembled and disassembled freely without use of special tools, easy to be repaired and maintained; the lamps and lanterns, air conditioning system, fire-extinguishing equipment can be placed in the ceiling, to achieve a consistent overall perfect visual performance. Mainly used in the subway stations, high-speed rail stations, bus stations, airports, large shopping malls, channels, wall decoration, external wall of building, etc.


Standard Size

Diameter: 50, 70mm

REMARK: 1, Non-standard sizes can be customized

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