Acoustic Workstation Furniture

Tranquil Hanging Panel

Possibly every organization desire to make an atmosphere that’s safe and healthy, which can sustenance social distancing, without moving away from the connected and open office spaces.

Tranquil Acoustic Hanging Panels can create soft partitions between desks creating social distancing, and at the same time give peace of mind due to its inherent feature of aesthetically appealing acoustic partitions, creating a safe & healthy environment.


Panel thickness :

09 mm | 12 mm

Dimensions :

3.5 ft W x 4 ft H | Can be customized

Polyester :

100% Polyester Core

Warranty :

1 year from date of purchase*

Fire Rating :

Class “B”

Features & Benefits

  • Social Distancing
  • Acoustic Space :Space which isolates sound and reduces noise by almost 60%, thus increasing your efficiency of work.
  • Moisture Resistant : No smell and Odour due to moisture resistance.
  • Bacteria Resistant : No development of bacteria in the space.
  • Wide Range of Colors : Large choice of colors to design as per your design and ambience.
  • Wide Range of Patterns : Large choice of patterns in printed and grooved designs.
  • Warranty : 1 year from date of purchase.
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