Fiberglass Acoustic Panels

Tranquil APS

The Tranquil APS Acoustical System is a high-quality acoustic product which is a compressed fibreglass acoustic system with a range of products such as Wall Panels, Baffles, Clouds, Deco Clouds, Acoustic Separators, Ceilings and more. As a result, Tranquil APS fulfils the vast majority of acoustic wall and ceiling standards. It is a green system since it is composed of 59% post-consumer recycled glass. Tranquil APS is a world-class NRC product with an NRC range of 0.80 to 1.05 and a wide range of thicknesses for a number of applications.

Features and Benefits

Up to 1.05 NRC :

Enhanced sound insulation

Customization :

Can be customised in any size starting at 8/4ft

Light Weight :

It can be put on any surface and in any form.

Variety of fabric & Vinyl :

Using a wide choice of Indian and imported fabrics, as well as any digital design on the cloth. High traffic and high maintenance areas benefit from perforated vinyl wall coverings.

Hard edge :

Edges that have been chemically hardened are more durable and more aesthetically pleasing.


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